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An allergy is where your body reacts to something that's normally harmless like pollen, dust or animal fur. The symptoms can be mild, but for some people they can be very serious.

If you believe that you are having an allergic reaction Call 999.

National Support

Allergy UK

Living with allergies and maintaining your quality of life is not always easy. Everyday activities often can be challenging for people living with allergies.

For many people, their house is a safe place from allergens. However, it can be difficult for people with indoor allergies such as dust mites and pet allergies to feel at ease when at home. School can be a difficult transition for both the parents and children living with allergies.

Visit the Allergy UK website

Anaphylaxis UK

Anaphylaxis UK is the only UK-wide charity operating solely for the growing numbers of people at risk of serious allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

Visit the Anaphylaxis UK website