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If you have tried this and have been asked to contact us please call us on: 020 3233 0870

You will only be able to use this service if you are aged 18+ or if consulting for a child you must be the child’s legal guardian / parent / carer and a patient yourself at the surgery.

One appointment, one problem

  • The majority of GP and Nurse appointments are ten-minute duration. We ask that you try to observe the “one appointment, one problem” ethos.
  • We strive to deal with each medical problem to the highest standard and this proves to be impossible if we are asked to deal with a number of problems in one appointment slot.
  • Please also note that your appointment is for you only. Please do not ask the doctor to deal with the problems of a child or other relatives in the same appointment slot.
  • Please make a separate appointment for your child/relative if they need to be seen as well.

Patient Appointment Checklist

Ask yourself

  1. How urgent is my problem?
  2. Do I need to be seen urgently today?
  3. Could I seek advice from an alternative source?
  4. Would it be better for me to wait and see a Doctor who knows my condition?

If a doctor runs late

Is it because they are spending necessary time with the patient? One day you may appreciate them running late to help you.

Before you come for your appointment

Work out what’s really wrong with you. Make short notes that describe your symptoms.

During your appointment

Get to the point! Don’t save important issues until the end.

Do wear accessible clothing

In case you need to undress for an examination.

At the end of your consultation

Make sure you understand what has been agreed and what is happening next.

How to book an appointment

SMS Appointment Reminders

The practice offers a text message-based appointment reminder system for appointments at the practice only. This service is offered as a courtesy and therefore patients should ensure they make a note of their appointment date and time. Please ensure we have your most up-to-date mobile number so the messages can get to you.

Please speak to reception if you wish to opt-out of this service.

Home Visits

Home visits are only for patients who are too ill to attend the surgery. GPs will not be able to visit you if you have moved out of the practice’s assigned catchment area.

It would be most helpful if your home visit request could be made by 10am to enable the doctors to plan their day. When telephoning please be prepared to give some details to the receptionist. The doctor may wish to speak with you before visiting.

Home visits are extremely time consuming, so please do try to come to the surgery. As you know, we have a lot of medical equipment at the surgery which cannot be brought to your house if needed.

Please do not request a home visit for reasons such as no transport or nobody at home to look after other children.

You can also be visited at home by the district nurses, community matron and rapid response team if you are referred by your GP. You should also be visited at home by a health visitor if you have recently had a baby or if you are newly registered with a GP and have a child under five years.

Housebound Patients

If you are housebound and require an annual health check, these will usually be scheduled during seasonal months where you will also be given the flu vaccine and covid-19 vaccines.

Where the practice is not able to administer vaccinations there will be an agreement in place for an alternative provider to administer vaccines on our behalf, this may take a bit of time to arrange to ensure only those who want the vaccine are visited. We would appreciate when we contact you prior to the season to ask if you would like to be vaccinated you respond as soon as possible similarly if you have received the vaccination elsewhere or if you are now able to attend an appointment.

Clinics & Services

We offer a range of appointment types to cater to our patient population including:

Appointment types we offer:

  • Triage
  • Same day, face to face appointments
  • Telephone appointments
  • Remote video consultations
  • Online group education sessions
  • Home visits
  • NHS 111 bookable appointments
  • Urgent and routine result calls
  • Extended appointments for vulnerable patients and those with additional communication needs 
  • Non-NHS (Private)

Clinics we run include:

  • Acute clinics
  • Multi-disease management clinics for long-term conditions i.e. Asthma, Blood Pressure, COPD, Diabetes, Cardiac and many more.
  • Vaccination including travel, seasonal flu, adult vaccinations: B12, Prostap, Depo, Pneumococcal and Shingles, routine childhood immunisations, catch-up immunisations: Polio, MMR and vaccination for young people: HPV, MenACW&Y for freshers and school leavers.
  • Six week and postnatal reviews for new-borns and new mothers
  • Medicines management of repeat prescriptions, hospital only, specials, high risk drugs, MHRA alerts, medication with drug supply issue notifications, structured medication reviews, medication synchronisation and repeat dispensing
  • Palliative care welfare calls
  • Health promotion and advice relating to drugs, alcohol, exercise, smoking and cessation
  • Contraception, family planning, HRT advice
  • HPV cervical screening
  • Mental Health, Severe Mental Illness, Depression & Anxiety
  • NHS health checks for 40-74year olds, Learning disability health reviews, Dementia reviews and many more.

You may be asked to see one of the non GP clinicians whilst waiting to see the Doctor to have a general health check which will include a BP check and lifestyle advice as well as being issued with an agreed upon care plan to suit your health needs.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to offer the appointment to someone else. It is Practice policy to review the registration of patients who continually fail to attend their appointments ultimately resulting in removal from the Practice list.

Did Not Attend (DNA)

If you fail to attend your scheduled appointment or do not cancel within a reasonable timeframe (24 hours before the appointment) we will be unable to offer it to someone else ultimately resulting in a wasted appointment.

  • NHS England: Each appointment cost an average of £30 and the overall expense of patients not cancelling appointments could pay for the annual salary of 2,325 full-time GPs.

If you miss 3 consecutive appointments you may be removed from our list.