The St James Practice

47 James Street, Walthamstow, London Greater, London E17 7NH

Sexual Health Service

From December 2017 there is a sexual clinic held in a mobile bus in our car park on Thursday afternoons from 2.15pm to 5.30pm.This service is available as a walk in or appointments can be booked by calling 020 3465 5060. Please refer to attached flyer for further information and details of other clinic sites.

Bart Health Sexual health Service

Cervical Screening Workshop – 15 February 2018


The Waltham Forest CCG are running a workshop which is free for  our patients to attend – entitled ‘Step up to cervical screening’ workshop, to explore the reasons behind low uptakes of cervical screening in the borough and help us work out ways to encourage more women to go to their GP for what can be life-saving tests. Please refer to attached flyer for more information and how to reserve a place WF Step Up Cervical Screening Invite v2


Dementia Awareness Campaign

Worried someone close to you is losing their memory?

Many people suffer from memory loss as they get older. But if it starts to happen on a regular basis, it could be the early signs of dementia.

What should I look for?

Dementia is not a single illness but a group of symptoms caused by damage to the brain. The symptoms include:

  • memory loss, such as remembering past events much more easily than recent ones
  • problems thinking or reasoning, or finding it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes
  • feeling anxious, depressed or angry about memory loss, or feeling confused, even when in a familiar environment

What should I do?

If you’re worried about someone who is showing the signs above, encourage them to visit their GP to get a proper diagnosis. Use the link at the top of the page to find your GP.

The Alzheimer’s Society provides tips on how to raise the topic of dementia with a loved one.