EHC Request

You can get emergency contraception from some pharmacies, walk-in centres and most sexual health/GUM clinics as well as from the GP. It is important that you seek advice and take a morning after pill as soon after unprotected sex as possible.

Find a local sexual health clinic.

For sexual health information including STIs and long term reversible contraceptives (eg. Implant, IUD and copper coil) please contact All East.

For more useful information which may answer some of your questions, please visit

EHC Request
Please use date format: DD/MM/YYYY
Any responses we send will go to this email address.
It is important for us to assess your BMI as this can affect the dose of EHC you may need.

Questions for ‘Morning After Pill’

Are you over 16 years old? (Levonelle is indicated for 16+yrs. For those under 16, it is not recommended without medical supervision, therefore consult GP)
Please phone the practice.
Is the emergency pill for your own use?
Have you had unprotected sex earlier in this cycle?
Was your last period late, lighter/shorter or unusual in any way?
Are you pregnant or think you might be?
Are you currently taking any other medicines including herbal remedies (e.g. St Johns Wort)? (Metabolism of EHC can be enhanced by some medicines making them less effective. Examples include: phenytoin; carbamazepine; rifampicin)
Do you have any other medical conditions? (e.g. liver disease, Crohn's - which can affect absorption of the emergency pill)
Do you have a history of unexplained/usual vaginal bleeding?
Have you already used Levonorgestrel 1.5mg tablets (or other emergency contraception) since your last period?
Please note: the pill is only an emergency measure, and does not replace regular contraceptive methods. For information on long term contraception, please see link listed above.
Have you experienced an allergic reaction to Levonorgestrel before?
Things to remember:

- This won't protect you from getting pregnant the next time you have unprotected sex for the rest of your cycle, therefore ensure you use other barrier methods such as condoms until your next cycle.
- If you would like to consider long term contraception, please book review with GP to discuss options.
- It is not 100% effective and does not always prevent pregnancy
- If you are sick (vomit) within three hours of taking the tablet, you should take another tablet. You will need to contact your pharmacist, doctor, sexual health/family planning clinic immediately for one more tablet.